Farewell 2023


"Farewell: Where memories linger, and new journeys await. Here's to the chapters we close and the stories yet to unfold."

As the curtains gently fell on this poignant farewell, the echoes of laughter, the rhythm of dance, and the resonance of shared memories lingered in the air. The Farewell party at Jagannath International Management School, Vasant Kunj, became a timeless chapter etched in the hearts of the outgoing students from the BA(J)MC, BCA, and BBA classes of the 2020-23 batch.

The day, alive with excitement, music, and heartfelt performances, painted a canvas of shared experiences and individual journeys. From the mesmerizing melodies of Swara society to the energetic beats of Folkre society, each moment illuminated the path of nostalgia. The sweet memories of BCA (M & E), the dramatic flair of Pratibimb, and the vibrant dance of Fitoor society added layers of emotion to the farewell tapestry.

As titles like Mr. & Ms. JIMS were bestowed upon deserving individuals, the Farewell party transformed into a celebration of not just endings, but of new beginnings. It marked the end of one chapter and the opening of countless others, as these students embarked on new adventures, carrying with them the essence of JIMS and the cherished moments of the Farewell day.