Digital Marketing & SEO Workshop


The two-day Digital Marketing and SEO workshop held on May 4th and 11th, 2024, was a comprehensive learning experience organized by the ENIGMA IT club of JIMS Vasant Kunj. Day one commenced at the JIMS Vasant Kunj campus, featuring Krushnansh Gupta as the esteemed speaker, who delved into the fundamentals of digital marketing. Participants gained insights into various digital marketing channels and learned about the significance of SEO in enhancing online visibility.

He discussed various practices for web page analysis, highlighting the importance of using better keywords to rank a website . To engage the participants, an live project was conducted during the workshop. Students were presented with a sheet and was asked to write some best keywords they can think of to rank website of JIMS,VK. 

On day two, the workshop seamlessly transitioned to an online platform, allowing for broader participation. Attendees explored advanced SEO techniques aimed at improving website ranking on Google. Krushnansh Gupta adeptly guided participants through the intricacies of SEO analysis, empowering them to evaluate web pages effectively.

The workshop's learning outcomes were manifold, ranging from understanding the nuances of digital marketing to recognizing the advantages of SEO and its diverse marketing channels. Participants left equipped with practical knowledge and actionable insights to optimize their online presence and drive tangible results. The event exemplified ENIGMA IT club's commitment to fostering digital literacy and empowering the next generation of Digital marketers.