“Other noble pursuits of life are necessary for subsistence however culture is what we stay alive for.”

In the heart of our academic journey, the Cultural Committee at Jagannath International Management School, Vasant Kunj, emerges as the lyrical architect, shaping the melody of diversity. It is a canvas where individual talents unfold, guided by the hands of dedicated Teacher and Student Coordinators who choreograph the rhythms of events – from the serenity of Teachers' Day to the vibrant hues of Hindi Diwas, from the grand Annual Function to the resounding echoes of the university-level spectacle,Anugoonj.

Under the skilled guidance of the Teacher and Student Coordinators, the Cultural Committee meticulously crafts moments that transcend the ordinary. In the intricate choreography of planning and organising, they breathe life into competitions that echo both intra and intercollegiate excellence. Within this cultural sanctuary, the Cultural Committee blooms into five societies

Pratibimb - “Drama to entertain and make new tories."
Swara - “Infuse the music into the cadence of your life.”
Folkre - “Echoes of Tradition, Rhythms of Today."
Fitoor - “Plunge the beats into the rhythm of your footsteps.”
Panache - “Redefining beauty without any boundaries.”

Executive Committee - Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Ms. Nisha Wadhawan, Dr Simran Jain, Ms. Dipti Tiwari & Ms. Taruna Tokas, Mr. Rahul V. Anand
Faculty Coordinator - Ms. Nisha Wadhawan

Fresher Party 2023-24
Fresher Party 2022-23