E-Cell is a group of students that tend to promote entrepreneurship in the campus communities. The Students explore entrepreneurship as a career option and a way of life by providing excellent mentorship and a platform to showcase unique business ideas before Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and Industry Leaders. The idea behind the E-cell is to be creative, learn about innovation, and build knowledge and skills. To translate creative ideas into opportunities, apply the knowledge and skills in the programs organised by E-Cell; thus, students are motivated to start their own companies after graduation or a few years gaining industry experience. E-Cell strives to bring a paradigm shift and create a new wave of entrepreneurs with a vision.

Objectives of E-Cell:

E-Cell is set up to foster entrepreneurship among the students where they can learn important and useful traits about entrepreneurship by conducting several activities such as workshops, interaction with successful entrepreneurs, building prototypes, setting up small campus companies. E-Cell aims for Holistic Development of the students and the young entrepreneurs through the following key parameters:

  • Students will learn how to organise various activities from end to end, requiring them to coordinate with different stakeholders, bring consensus and align them to chase a single goal

  • Students will learn about finding the right person for the right job, trusting team members and encouraging them to complete tasks

  • Students will learn about working within constraints, following rules and compliance related work that is an essential skill in a disciplined work professional

  • Students will execute various events, liaison with various college departments and authorities, thus leaning how to form a relationship critical for efficiency and success

  • Provides a platform for new-generation entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into actionable strategies

  • Provides support and guidance in terms of business process awareness and market insights to early stage innovators 

  • Students will get exposure related to finding sponsors to fund activities and events equating to finding investors in the entrepreneurial journey

  • E-Cell will provide skill development opportunities to the students; thus the institute will build a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • E-Cell will encourage the formation of a mutually supportive community within the institute, stimulated through extensive engagement with other business incubators and experts

The central idea behind E-Cell is not only to bring out the flair in students about entrepreneurship and know about the governmental and non-governmental organisational schemes related to entrepreneurship but also, to make them understand the attitude and skills required being successful by providing them a platform which offers number of innovative opportunities to develop professionalism in them. 

When associating with an E-Cell, the money invested has a direct social impact, hence, leading to social and economic development as entrepreneurship is one of the core development areas of Vision 2020. The main audience in events is not just the college students but also the young professionals creating great employer opportunities for themselves.

April, 28, 2022

Business Carnival'22

February, 12, 2022

Entrepreneurship Mentoring Session

December, 17, 2021

Women's Entrepreneurship Day

December, 16, 2021

E- Summit - IPL Auction

December, 16, 2021

E- Summit - Impact Challenge

December, 15, 2021

E- Summit - Jugaad

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