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Swachhta Pakhwada

In pursuance of the 'Swacchta Pakhwada' being observed at the institute under 'Swachh Bharat Mission' the institute undertook three major cleanliness initiatives:

1. The first initiative entailed the establishment of a Sanitation and Public Hygiene committee under 'Swachh Bharat Mission' which was given the mandate of carrying out an inspection of the quality of sanitation and general hygiene of the facilities on the entire campus.

The Committee was comprised of the following faculty and staff members:

The Committee submitted a number of suggestions for maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness on the campus. The same was forwarded to the administration and action was taken on the suggestions within a fortnight.

2. The second major initiative hinged on a cleanliness drive based on the suggestions submitted by the Sanitation and Public Hygiene Committee.

Students and Faculty members of JIMS-VK enthusiastically joined the "Swacchta Abhiyan", participating with fervors, and carried out the cleaning drive at the campus under the aegis of the JIMS Rotaract Club.

A wide variety of activities ranging from students wielding the broom and cleaning the campus, identifying the message of Cleanliness in the Workplace and Home were organized. Further to the above, this Cleanliness Drive was extended to the surrounding areas of our Campus such as the Car Market, Masoodpur Dairy and so on.

3. The third major initiative was related to the inculcation of a sustained sense of keeping the environment neat and clean. Under this initiative, the entire institute was administered a Swachhta Pledge by the Director of the Institute.

India is my country and I cannot bear to see it defiled with open sewers, gaping garbage dumps, poisonous air, polluted drinking water, and negligent littering.

I understand that purity and cleanliness of our natural surroundings are necessary pre-requisites for healthy living.

Apart from being the cause of innumerable diseases in and out of season, dirty and unhygienic surroundings bring a bad name to the country and are an eye sore to passersby.

No civilized society ever permits its parks, streets, service lanes, and open spaces to become breeding grounds for contagious diseases. As a proud Indian, I will ensure that all such spaces stay meticulously neat and clean so that the world believes in our commitment to civilizational values of sanitation and public hygiene.

Besides, for the sake of all my fellow Indians, I undertake that I will neither litter nor will allow anyone else to litter.

Also, I will spread the word regarding the need for cleanliness in all my public and private pronouncements. I will impress upon my friends the need to follow the age old Indian code of purity as a sign of divinity. And I will urge them to do so with their friends as well so that there is a mass movement in support of cleanliness in India.

Jai Hind!

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