JIMS Vasant Kunj - FDP on Data Analysis using open Source Statistical Package ‘R’
The Department of Management Studies, JIMS Vasant Kunj organized FDP on Data Analysis using open Source Statistical Package ‘R’ from , 27th May – 1st June, 2019. FDP started with lighting the ceremonial lamp followed by a warm welcome by Dr. S.K. Dogra, Registrar, JIMS Vasant Kunj and Dr. Nidhi Gupta, HOD, Department of Management Studies, JIMS Vasant Kunj with esteemed speakers and participants having diverse profile ranging from research scholars of DRDO, professors from various reputed academic institutions & participants from the industry.
The speakers were renowned scientists, PhD and research scholars from ICAR, New Delhi. Participants were given hands-on experience starting with basic functions like mean, median, mode, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis etc. to some complex software functions like Exploratory Data Analysis, time Series analysis, application of ARIMA model and ANOVA, Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test, Kruskal –Wallis, H test, Kolmogorov, Smirnov test etc through this 6-day FDP.
The FDP concluded on 1 June,2019 with a vote of thanks by Dr.Himani Gupta, FDP Convenor. All the participants gained an immense knowledge on “R” and comfort to use this software for future research and analytical requirements.
Esteemed Guests, Dr.S.K.Dogra, Registrar, Dr.Nidhi Gupta, HOD & Dr. Soumen Pal, scientist, ICAR on the Dias.

Esteemed Speaker, Dr.Kaustav Aditya, scientist ICAR delivering his lecture to the participants

JIMS Kalkaji - Workshop on Meditation and Lifestyle
A workshop on Meditation and Lifestyle was conducted on 1st May,2019 by a renowned spiritual healer Ms. Monica Singhal wherein she demonstrated how to change their perspective towards life and make a transition from stress to happiness. An instrument was used to detect aura around a person. This gave an impetus to the audience to think positively. The art of forgiving was taught in addition to practicing peace and avoiding anger and bringing happiness to anyone who is undergoing depression.
Dr. Amit Gupta, Chairman, Dr.(Cdr) Satish Seth, DG, JIMS with Ms. Monica Singhal in the workshop

JIMS Kalkaji- MDP on ‘Effective Quality Assurance Manager’
Management Development Program on “How to become an Effective Quality Assurance Manager” was conducted by JIMS on 6th-7th May, 2019 at JIMS Kalkaji. Dr. S.K. Breja, Professor, JIMS Kalkaji gave a detailed description of structural and system requirements as well as process and resource management that lead to Laboratory Accreditation and ISO/IEC 17025. Dr. (Cdr) Satish Seth, Director-General, JIMS Kalkaji and Dr. J.K. Batra, Director, JIMS Kalkaji addressed participants on topics related to Transformational Leadership, Innovation and Creativity and Risk management.
Dr. (Cdr) Satish Seth, Director-General, JIMS Kalkaji addressing MDP delegates

From Chairman’s Desk
Dear Student

A smile is a universally understood language which transmits positive vibes and speaks an inner ‘richness’. If one smiles and remains cheerful, it is reflected in the world around him. The moment we put it on, our hearts start cheering up and all gloomy scenes around us suddenly disappear. To wear a smile, it is imperative to keep some channel of mind ‘open’ to be ready to catch the subtle strands of others and one’s own thoughts and actions. A smile can be highly contagious. When someone smiles, we feel better. This is a gift we can give to ourselves and to others around us. A smiling face indicates an affinity, a bond, a link and a companionship of the voyage of life on this floating planet. Many great people have advised that each day should start with a smile. Don’t come with pre conceived notions. Laughter helps clear the air. So break out of it and have a hearty laugh.Being optimistic and having a positive thinking bring fortunes. When we are positive, the world around us will look good and it makes our life special and great. If we think negatively, no concrete results may be attainable. What we think and how we take things in life matters the most. On this earth, there is nothing great than human beings and there is nothing great but the mind. Our attitude determines how we look at a setback. To a positive thinker, it can be a stepping stone to success. The positive attitude increases productivity, resolves problems, develops teamwork, enhances quality, makes for congenial atmosphere, increases returns, fosters better relationships, reduces stress, helps a person become a contributing member of society, an asset to their country and makes for a pleasing personality.

Dr. Amit Gupta (Chairman)

Zara Sochiye

Health Tip

Amazing Image
Sunset in West Kimberley in Australia

JIMSITE's Visiting Cards
JIMS Kalkaji- FDP on ‘E-Learning and Development of E-Content’
Faculty Development Program on one of the most engaging topic: ‘E-Learning and Development of E-Content’ was organized from 9th-14th May, 2019 in the premises of JIMS Kalkaji. Mr. Ashish Mehta, CEO, Training First.org discussed various key aspects such as content creation, animation, editing and video uploading. Dr. (Cdr) Satish Seth, Director General, JIMS Kalkali, Dr. J.K. Batra, Director JIMS Kalkali and Dr. Preeti Singh exhorted faculty members to imbibe as much practical learning as possible to enable them to develop e-courses thereafter. It was a great learning and self-development experience for all the participants.
Dr. Anju Shukla- Faculty, JIMS Kalkaji felicitating Mr. Ashish Mehta- CEO, Training First

Let Us Know
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