JIMS Activities

Aristotle once said, “the quality of life is determined by its activities.” We say, that very saying couldn’t have been more agreed-upon for us.

Life at JIMS is different from word-to-word. We believe in the practicality of every learning we provide to our students. We not only focus on intensive learnings from the pages, but also aim for every last bit of physical activity from which some teaching could be gathered.

From Debate Competitions, to Seminars, Film & Photography Festival (PRISM) to Annual Cultural Fests, we handout numerous opportunities to those who deserve it, to do something for themselves, and us, too. Also, organizing a series of Guest Lectures and IT fests throughout a given year for BCA, BBA and BJMC/BA JMC not only makes us the best GGSIPU College for BCA in Delhi NCR but also the best GGSIPU institute for professional studies in Delhi NCR.

Join JIMS to have a feeling of what it is like to work according to the industry standards, join JIMS because out here, we provide a lot, for a lot less.