JIMS Activities

Distinguished Corporate Leader lecture

Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of JIMS, Vasant Kunj organized a Distinguished Corporate Leader Lecture with Mr. Tarun Poddar, Hon. Managing Director and India Head, Fox Hogs Ventures Corp. USA on 1st Dec 2022 at Auditorium, JIMS from 11:30 AM Onwards. Event started with the warm welcome of our honored guests, dignitaries, faculty members and fellow students by our hosts including with the brief on IIC, and then our respected Director Dr. Ravi K Dhar said few lines for motivating all attendees and welcomed our guests Mr. Arun Hari Mowar, Director Corporate Affairs and requested Mr. Poddar to come and give his guidance to students Mr. Poddar started his interactive lecture with the introduction of Journey of Venture Capitals of India which is the base of the entire lecture with the information of 12000 startups have been registered and 4500 has been closed and also he told about different Startup trends, and he firmly advised that “a person should have knowledge about it before establishing startups” and how sustainability is maintained. Later on he explained about Investments in Startups and Mechanism of Business : as “Managing money is more important than raising it”, this is where Fox Hogs came into light and full explanation of the venture was given by him with his life experiences. Fox Hog is about converting uncertainty to certainty and it has funded more than 65 companies in India, filed IPO of 630 cr. and their current Balance sheet is closed with the amount of 104 million USD.